We may be infamous for our inflatable roof racks but we sell more than just car storage solutions here at HandiWorld. The HandiMoova is another one of our ingenious inventions and something that we think every household needs.

Although we think everyone could get use out of one of these all terrain trolleys with Camba wheel technology, there’s certain kinds of people that would feel the benefits more than others. We’re going to be sharing with you the 5 professions that we think need a HandiMoova to help them in their day to day jobs for an easier life at work.


Thanks to the specialist Camba wheel technology, the HandiMoova is suitable for use on all terrains, making it the perfect helping hand for gardeners wanting to move waste and debris from one area to another.

When paired with the HandiSac, a multipurpose sack, the HandiMoova has a capacity of up to 190-litres and can transport up to 60kg in weight. The strength and space of the HandiMoova and HandiSac combined makes it ideal for shifting waste quickly when you’re re-surfacing or redesigning a garden.


Whether you’re a builder, plumber or electrician, the likelihood is that you have a lot of equipment you need with you at all times and as much as the back of your van is a great storage space, you can’t always park it on-site where you’re working.

For transporting tool boxes and materials, choose the HandiMoova. Suitable for moving easily across the rough terrain of a building site and capable of securely carrying all the equipment you could need for the job with the help of the HandiBungees, our all terrain trolley is going to save plenty of trips back and forth to your van!


Whether you’re a hobby crafter who heads to local fetes and fairs on the weekends to earn some extra cash or holding a stall at major events is your full-time job, a HandiMoova is an investment you won’t regret.

When it comes to setting up your stall, you can often find yourself lugging bags and boxes miles from where you were able to park your car but with the help of the HandiMoova, you can simply strap everything on and pull it along with you. Thanks to the design of the wheels, this all terrain trolley is lightweight to pull and easy to navigate around tight spaces, hence it is perfect for wheeling in and out of stalls.

Door to Door Sales People

If your average working day sees you heading from door to door to sell a product, you’ll probably find yourself lugging plenty of bags along with you filled with products, leaflets and more. Save yourself the arm ache by packing everything on to the HandiMoova and simply bringing it with you.

With the help of the HandiBungee cords, you can get on with your job in confidence that you have everything you need with you and it is being securely transported right by your side.

First Aiders

Are you the first aider in charge at a festival? Do you spend the Summer season taking care of holiday park visitors? The HandiMoova is an essential bit of kit for any first aider.

When you need to get to someone quick and need all your kit with you, the HandiMoova is here to help. Simply strap all your boxes, bags and first aid kits on to the trolley and you can quickly and easily transport all the equipment you need, wherever you need to go.

Whether you need to head through mud, sand, grass or rocky terrain, our all-terrain trolley is ready for anything and will ensure your cargo remains safe and secure on board.

The above are just a handful of people who would really feel the benefits from having a HandiMoova. We think everyone needs one of these multipurpose trolleys in the house, whether it’s for everyday use or a ‘just in case’ measure is up to you!

Has the HandiMoova revolutionised your working life? Let everyone know how you use yours by leaving us a review on Trust Pilot!

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