Roof bags truly are a great investment for big families or people who do a lot of travelling but there are certain safety procedures you have to take into consideration when packing and using one.

The HandiHoldall is our very own soft roof bag, a unique version of a traditional roof box that is lighter, easier to attach to the car and capable of holding up to 320-litres worth of cargo but similarly to all other roof boxes, you need to pack it properly to be safe.

We’re going to be sharing with you our top tips for packing a roof bag securely to ensure you, your belongings and everyone around you is kept safe.

Don’t Go Over the Maximum Capacity

Every roof bag will have a maximum capacity and this is advertised for a reason. For example, the HandiHoldall can be packed with up to 320-litres worth of luggage and belongings and still be closed properly and securely without putting too much pressure on the fabric or fastenings.

Over-filling a roof bag isn’t safe and can lead to damaging your roof bag or even worse, not being able to fasten properly and therefore your belongings not being securely packed away which could lead to problems as you travel.

Every roof bag or box has its own specified capacity and this has been set after rigorous testing, so this isn’t something you want to ignore.

Don’t Confuse Weight with Capacity

As well as having maximum capacities, many roof bags will have maximum weight limits too and these are different things and both have to be considered.

The HandiHoldall may be able to hold up to 320-litres but it has a weight limit of 50kg, which means you need to think carefully about what is best to pack into the roof bag and what would be better in the boot.

Although 50kg is roughly the equivalent of two full suitcases, if you’re heading off camping, you might have lots of sleeping bags, sleeping mats and pillows to transport which although larger, are quite light, so packing these in your roof bag is safe and frees up lots of space in the car.

Don’t Fill with Lots of Loose Items

Although it can be tempting to just throw everything into a roof box or bag loose and then shut it and hope for the best, this isn’t the safest or the best way to pack them.

Not only is this not the best way to optimise the space you have available but it could also cause real problems if your roof box was to come unsecured. By packing your belongings into bags such as the HandiDuffel bags, your cargo will be secure inside of both a luggage bag and the soft roof box, so should it come open, you won’t find your belongings all over the place.

Packing your roof bag with 2-3 larger bags as opposed to lots of little items will also help you balance out the weight to make driving with it on board easier and safer.

Always Use the Recommend Fixtures and Accessories

We’ve all been there, we’ve come to attach the roof box to the car and can’t find the original fixtures to attach to the roof bars but you should never use make-shift fixtures such as bungee cords or ropes.

It can be frustrating but you should always use the fixtures and accessories that came directly from the brand with the roof bag when you bought it or if you’re buying new/spares, you need to buy branded ones again.

These fixtures and attachments have been designed specifically for use with this product and are therefore the most reliable and will ensure your roof bag is attached safely. Using anything else could leave you at risk of not having your roof box attached properly, so you need to always use the original or branded parts.

Ensure Your Roof Bag is Central

More a tip for attaching your roof bag as opposed to packing it but an essential part of the overall process, ensuring your roof bag is positioned in the centre of your roof is key for easy and safe driving.

The HandiHoldall comes with instructions as to how to properly attach to your car, including how to ensure it is central for even weight distribution, so following these instructions is really important for safely and securely attaching your roof bag.

Roof bags are a really worthwhile purchase for all kinds of people and although this may seem like a lot of things to remember before heading off on your travels, they’re all simple, self-explanatory tips that are super easy to follow.

If you’re interested in getting your very own roof bag and would like to speak to one of our team, drop us an email at

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