Soft Roof Rack

Investing in a roof rack for your car makes travelling easy; choosing to attach roof bars to your car opens up a world of possibilities for how much luggage you can transport and how comfortably you can travel. Car roof racks are designed to hold a roof box that you can fill with things you want to take on the go with you, without taking up space in the car.

The benefits of having car roof bars are endless, they make family holidays stress free, shopping trips more convenient and generally make life a little easier. Choosing to transport your cargo on a car rack frees up space inside the vehicle for passengers, showing you your car’s comfort and capacity in a new light. Enjoy a safe and easy journey where nothing gets left behind, whatever car you have, by choosing to use a universal roof rack.



  • HandiRack – the Ultimate in Convenience Roof Bars

  • HandiRack + Anti-slip Pads

  • HandiRack + HandiHoldall 400 Litres + HandiDuffel 95 Litres x2