How to Make Father’s Day Special with HandiWorld

How to Make Father’s Day Special with HandiWorld

Father’s Day is on the horizon – have you organised anything to show the father figure in your life how much they mean to you?

Father’s Day is a great excuse to get around to buying those items that he’s too careful/thrifty/tight to let you buy the rest of the year. “From the kids” is a wonderful guilt-free way of being able to justify buying “him” that box set or gadget you secretly (or not) want for yourself. Come on, we’ve all done it!

First of all….

When is Father’s Day in the UK?

In 2019, Father’s Day is on Sunday, 16th June
In 2020, Father’s Day is on Sunday 21st June
In 2021, Father’s Day is on Sunday 20th June

What to buy your dad on Father’s Day

If your dad is the outdoors and adventuring type, we have three great suggestions for items from our store that would be ideal for Father’s Day. Isn’t it handy that Father’s Day is right at the beginning of the summer?

The HandiRack

Our first recommendation is the HandiRack. This is a huge seller at all times of the year but especially in early summer when more of us start thinking about those camping trips (or taking the kids and their seemingly endless kit back to university in the autumn).

The HandiRack is an inflatable roof rack which fits most any car (please get in touch with us with your car make and model if you want to be certain). It deflates for easy storage and is a lot cheaper than a fixed roof rack. If you’re struggling to fit roof bars to your car and need to increase your carrying capacity, then the HandiRack could be a great option.

The HandiRack is also good for transporting watersports equipment such as Kayaks and surfboards, gardening equipment, and even the odd bench!

The HandiRack is available in black and limited edition Camo print. You can also buy them as part of a bundle deal with the HandiHoldall, which comes in various sizes/capacities.

You can see our HandiHoldall 175 litres with a huge range of other bits and bobs for the discerning (and well prepared) adventurer over on Bushwacker Man’s YouTube channel. Can you spot anything that would make a great gift for your dad?

The HandiMoova

The HandiMoova is a great piece of kit if your dad spends a lot of time lugging stuff about. They are good for getting kit across uneven ground, such as sand, gravel, up and down stairs, or across a muddy festival field. They make a fantastic addition to the garden, or for transporting more important “essentials”!

Learn more about the HandiMoova here.

Car Boot Organiser

Thumbs up if your dad is forever moaning about the state of the car.


With the HandiWorld Car Boot Organiser you will give him less reason to moan. The organiser has lots of space to store “stuff” but folds down when not needed. It measures 57 x 37 x 32 cm and has a handy built-in red warning triangle, just incase!

With this, your dad can go back to just moaning about the house being lit up like a Christmas tree (or Blackpool) and the price of petrol.

What are you planning for Father’s Day this year?

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