Every Household Should Have One!

Bulky or heavy items need moving from A to B every day. So what do most folk do? They lift and carry (not good for the joints). But now there is a much easier alternative – the innovative CAMBA Moova. This is a multi-purpose, versatile load carrier that can get what you want, where you want. We believe that it’s the smarter and safer way to move loads.

Driven by patented CAMBA technology, the CAMBA Moova foldable hand cart is capable of tackling any terrain, including steps, with ease. It’s smooth on-road and off-road – a genuine tough and dependable work horse. CAMBA technology allows the CAMBA Moova to perform unlike any other hand cart.

It Loves Your Loads

It’s impossible to list everything that the CAMBA Moova can be used to transport, but here are just a few examples:

  • Garden – planters, bags of fertilizer, garden waste, landscaping materials
  • Beach – chairs, windbreaker, toys, inflatable items, wetsuits, cool box
  • Campsite – luggage, tents, chairs, cool box, waste cassettes, water
  • Office – archive boxes, reams of paper, replacement water dispensers
  • Home – old white goods, furniture, removal boxes
  • Festival – luggage, tents, chairs, cool box, sleeping bags, cases of drinks
    Thanks to a compact storage footprint, it’s easy to transport in the car and so always to hand when needed.

    The CAMBA Moova can shift up to 100kg of gear. You will be amazed at how the clever CAMBA technology allows you to move stuff. And once you’re done, the CAMBA Moova folds-up neatly and can be stowed in a cupboard or the garage.

    The CAMBA Moova is manufactured utilising high quality materials and is backed by a one year warranty against manufacturing defect.

    It’s a Back Saver!

    Moving anything bulky or heavy around the home, garden or campsite often requires more than one person, the need to carry by hand and a degree of physical input. The CAMBA Moova foldable hand cart reduces this requirement and in doing so saves time and the risk of a carrying induced injury. It is a truly practical and sure-footed load lugger.

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful to not have to worry about how you are going to get everything from the car park to the beach or camping pitch? These treks can often be over considerable distances and are often down unmade tracks, over rough terrain or sand. The bulk of the carrying duties normally fall to Dad and this can cause undue stress (mental & physical) on a day when all you want to do is relax. Thanks to its all-terrain capabilities, the CAMBA Moova is the perfect solution to save you time and importantly, Dad from a lot of hassle.

    The CAMBA Moova is great tool to move stuff in any of the following environments:

  • Home
  • Garden
  • Office
  • Beach
  • Camp Site
  • Caravan Park
  • Festival
  • Marina
    For Hobbyists

    The CAMBA Moova provides an easy means to transport equipment:

  • Photography – peli cases, tripods, lighting
  • Music – instruments, amplifiers
  • Gardening – plant pots, fertilizer bags, landscaping materials
  • DIY – building materials, tool boxes
  • Fishing – tackle boxes, chairs, cool boxes
  • Marine – cool boxes, supplies
  • Watersports – inflatable kayaks & SUP boards, kite surfing gear, anything for the beach
  • High Quality Materials

    CAMBA Moovas are manufactured utilising carefully selected and specified materials to ensure excellent durability and loading performance.

  • Wheel hubs – 265 diameter shock / impact resistant Polypropylene (PP) plastic
  • Tyres – 90mm width TPR rubber
  • Frame – aluminium
  • Floating Axles – stainless steel
    Weights & Loads

  • The weight of the HandiMoova (unloaded) is 6kg
  • Maximum load capacity when pulled – 100kg
  • Maximum load capacity for stairs (guideline only) – 50kg
  • Maximum load capacity for soft sand (guideline only) – 50kg
    CAMBA Moova Dimensions

  • Frame height 1100mm
  • Dimensions (folded) Depth 200mm x Width 530mm x Height 930mm
  • Dimensions (unfolded) Depth 710mm x Width 600mm x Height 1100mm
  • Wheel base 480mm
  • Wheel diameter 265mm
  • There are two elements to the patented CAMBA technology that drives the HandiMoova – an Active Variable Footprint and the Floating Axle Suspension. CAMBA technology is simple and robust; there are no fancy mechanisms or high technologies involved. The technology constantly optimises the rolling performance of each wheel.

    Active Variable Footprint

    A sphere or ball adapts to whatever surface it is being rolled on. On a hard surface it uses just a small contact area and on a soft surface (sand for example), it uses a large contact area. If you were to cut the sphere or ball in half and mount each side on an inclined axle, there you have the principle of the CAMBA hemispherical wheel.

    Like a ball, the footprint or surface area of the CAMBA wheel changes progressively and intuitively to whatever surface it is being rolled on. You have a low contact area for hard surfaces (like a bicycle wheel) and a large contact area for soft surfaces (such as a balloon tyre) – the best of both worlds. This makes CAMBA technology the perfect all-terrain wheel.

    Floating Axle Suspension

    By mounting the CAMBA wheels on a Floating Axle, you not only allow each wheel to move independently of the other, but also create the visual effect of the wheels both rolling and ‘walking’ over obstacles. This action allows the CAMBA wheels to ‘smooth’ out any bumps or rough terrain making it easier for the user to keep their load balanced on the CAMBA Moova without the risk of spilling, whilst reducing physical input. Please watch the following video to see the CAMBA wheels in action.

    CAMBA wheels perform unlike any other wheel on steps and stairs. When going down a step, the force of gravity on the wheel and axle allows it to drop just milliseconds before the load. This keeps the load stable and the HandiMoova hand cart balanced. When the CAMBA wheels are pulled up against a step, they continue to rotate on the axle and in doing so create a less vertical and easier pulling angle for the user.