Trollies and Karts

Our mission at HandiWorld is to make moving your gear as easy as possible. The CAMBA Moova sack barrow is a smart idea. Using patented CAMBA wheel technology it enables you to shift loads of up to 100kg across all terrains using much less effort than other hand trucks.

Moving sea kayaks, multi-person sit-on-tops and open canoes around can be a tough job, and it’s even harder when they’re loaded with gear. The CAMBA Kart is different from every other kayak cart. It features CAMBA wheels. This clever technology provides all-terrain rolling performance, keeps the cart always balanced and makes it easier to pull or push over obstacles, up & down kerbs and over rough terrain.

The HandiMoova 2in1 is a 4-wheel platform trolley and 2-wheel hand truck all in one! It transforms in seconds between the two configurations simply with the press of a tab. No tools are required. The HandiMoova 2 in 1 also folds up flat for easy and convenient storage.

  • CAMBA Kart Kayak, Canoe & SUP Trolley

  • CAMBA Moova Hand Truck

  • HandiKart Kayak & Canoe Trolley

  • HandiMoova 2in1 Load Carrier

  • HandiMoova FPT Folding Platform Trolley