We’re heading towards better weather now which means water sports season is just around the corner, so for all kayaking lovers that means it’s time to get back out on the water.

Kayaking and canoeing are hobbies loved by many and any enthusiast will tell you, this pastime requires a lot of kit. The boats alone can set a kayaker back a few hundred pounds, so when you’re spending that kind of money on your gear, you need to pack and transport it with care.

We’re known for being the best in the business when it comes to storage and transportation solutions here at HandiWorld and we’re pleased to say that our products are ideal for use with water sports equipment such as kayaks and canoes.

We’re going to be introducing you to a few key products you need to know about as a water sports enthusiast and giving you some top tips on how to pack for your upcoming adventure like a pro!


Starting with how you’re going to get your kayak or canoe from your house to the location you’re going to be using it, you’re going to need a heavy duty roof rack and the HandiRack is the perfect option.

The UK’s one and only inflatable roof rack, the HandiRack is designed to be convenient to store when not in use, easy to attach and use when needed and strong enough to carry loads of up to 80kg, making it ideal for using to transport your kayak or canoe during water sports season.

Each HandiRack comes with a pack of HandiStraps to attach cargo to the roof rack safely and securely and additional HandiStraps can be bought strap if required.

Whether you have use for a roof rack all year round or just need one when it’s time to get your kayak back on the water, the HandiRack is an affordable and convenient option!


Our very own canoe and kayak trolley, the HandiKart is specifically designed for transporting your boat from dry land to the waterfront quickly and easily and we think its one of the best kayak trollies in the business.

Made using 304-grade stainless steel and state of the art Camba Wheel technology, the HandiKart is robust and practical. Simple and easy for you to attach your kayak or canoe and then easily roll to and from the waterfront, the HandiKart is strong enough to take the weight of your boat but is also compact and convenient to store when not needed.

Say goodbye to that familiar struggle of dragging your kayak or canoe and invest in a HandiKart to do all the hard work for you!


Now that you’ve sorted how you’re going to transport your actual boat, you now need to consider how you’re going to pack up and move the rest of the kit you’ll need.

The HandiMoova is a purpose-built all-terrain trolley that is designed for carrying up to 60kg worth of cargo, making it the perfect way to transport all your other belongings down to the waterfront.

Whether you load up boxes or individual bags and secure with the provided HandiBungees or pack all your possessions into one of the HandiDuffel bags which are waterproof and will keep all your essentials safe and dry, you can quickly and easily move all your belongings in one trip.

We love water sports here at HandiWorld and we know our customers do too, which is why we’ve worked hard to create a range of products that make kayaking and canoeing trips easier than ever.

We’re all about having more fun with less hassle, so get your hands on these products for a smooth sailing water sports trip!

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