The HandiWorld Christmas Gift Guide for the Ultimate Adventurer

The HandiWorld Christmas Gift Guide for the Ultimate Adventurer

As the festive season approaches, it’s time to think beyond the traditional socks-and-wine presents and discover unique gifts that truly resonate with the adventurers in your life. This Christmas, we bring you a gift guide that goes beyond the ordinary – perfect for anyone who loves their car, can’t resist a festival, or finds solace in the garden.

HandiRack – Ready for every Adventure

Whether your loved one is a camping aficionado or a water sports enthusiast, the HandiRack is the ideal companion for those who love to explore. We think this inflatable roof rack (our best-selling product) is the best on the market. Suitable for almost EVERY type of car, affordable, reusable, assembles and attaches with ease and can also be loaned around friends and family. The HandiRack is helpful in so many ways, from moving furniture to handling holiday luggage with ease.

Read more here for everything you need to know about the HandiRack: The HandiRack – the inflatable roof rack for your car 

This Christmas, give the gift of convenience and style with the HandiRack – because adventurers should never be hindered by the lack of space in the car.

HandiHoldall – Innovate Your Travels

For those explorers in need of extra storage space in the car, introduce them to the innovation of the HandiHoldall. These soft roof bags offer a unique twist – easily compacted for storage, much lighter than the classic hard roof box, and a breeze to fit to the car without sacrificing capacity. Even better, there are three different sizes, so depending on how often your adventurer travels and how much they need to take with them, you can choose the best fit for them.

The 400 Litre model is a large capacity, waterproof soft car roof bag suitable for transporting lots of luggage. Next in line is our 330 Litre robust, weather resistant HandiHoldall, ideal for family holidays and camping trips away. This is followed up by the smallest member of our car roof bag family, the 175 Litre model. This smaller soft roof bag is perfect if you need to have something else up on top of your car for trips away, great for cyclists and water sport enthusiasts who need to transport belongings and equipment at the same time.

Learn more about our HandiHoldall soft roof bags here: The HandiHoldall: the flexible roof bag

CAMBA Kart – Navigate water adventures with ease

For the water sports lover, the CAMBA Kart is the ultimate gift – a canoe/kayak/SUP trolley meticulously crafted from the strongest materials. Featuring an ultra-strong frame and CAMBA wheel technology which keeps the kart balanced and makes obstacles easier to navigate, the CAMBA Kart remains lightweight and compact for easy transport.

Read more about this incredible CAMBA technology here: CAMBA Technology – Coping with the ups and downs of hauling.

Gift the thrill of seamless water adventures with the CAMBA Kart, you know they’ll be out there as soon as the weather allows it!

CAMBA Moova – Festival-ready, garden-proof!

Are you looking for a special gift for a festival enthusiast or a green-thumbed grandparent? The CAMBA Moova, a multi-use all-terrain trolley with Camba Wheel technology, is the answer. Smooth rolling and easy manoeuvring over any surface make it perfect for hauling festival gear through the mud or transporting heavy garden planters. The CAMBA Moova is ideal for getting your beach supplies from the car park across the sand, the options really are endless with how you can use the CAMBA Moova.

Here’s why we think our innovative CAMBA Moova hand truck outperforms regular hand trucks: CAMBA Moova VS Hand Truck

The possibilities for unique gifts continue on our website, explore our full range of products to find the perfect surprise for your adventurer. This Christmas, let your gift be a testament to all of the journeys that await.

What’s on your list for the special person in your life this holiday season?


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