Camping trips are a popular kind of holiday with families and although one of the more affordable types of holiday, they can be the most difficult to plan for. Family camping trips can require a lot of kit and transporting all of that can be a challenge, especially if you’re trying to cram it all into your standard family vehicle.

We’re going to be sharing with you exactly what you need to pack for a camping trip as well as our top tips for how to create extra space in your car and pack all your belongings in your vehicle with plenty of room to spare!

The Packing List

Your camping trip packing list will vary depending on how many people you’re packing for, the season in which you’re going camping and the ages of the members of your family but below is a rough guide to everything you need to pack for your trip:

We appreciate that may seem a pretty extensive packing list but we’re confident you’ll get use out of every single one of the above items which means there’s a lot to get packed into the car.

You may be scratching your head right now, wondering how you’re possibly going to fit everything into the car but with the help of some handy products from HandiWorld, packing up all your camping trip essentials is going to cause you no bother at all.

The HandiRack

One of the bulkiest bits of kit you need to transport with you when heading off on a camping trip is the tent but when you choose to add a HandiRack to the top of your car, you can simply use the HandiBungee cords to strap the tent to the top of your car and you’ll have freed up room for more luggage inside the car.

If your tent comes packed inside its own carry bag with everything secure inside, you could simply strap this to the HandiRack but if you’re unsure about how protected your tent will be from the elements, pack it inside one of our waterproof roof bags before attaching to the inflatable roof rack.

The HandiHoldall

If you’re having trouble finding space for all the rolled up sleeping mats, sleeping bags and deflated airbeds in the car, a HandiHoldall could soon become your best friend.

Perfect for packing in items such as the above, the HandiHoldall has a 320-litre capacity and can either carry two HandiDuffels filled with your belongings or items such as sleeping bags and mats to leave you with more room for sitting comfortably in the car.

The HandiDuffel

The best way to pack up all the clothes and toiletries you won’t need during the car journey is to put them in one of the 135-litre HandiDuffel bags and pack this into the HandiHoldall to keep all your belongings secure and dry throughout the duration of the car ride.

HandiDuffels are also great for simply packing your luggage in the car as the bags are a practical streamlined shape that take up minimal room; the 95-litre bag in particular is compact and great for packing into small corners of the car.

The HandiMoova

If room in the car isn’t the problem but how you’re going to transport all the gear to your pitch once you arrive on site, then the HandiMoova is an essential for you. Compact when folded down so easy to throw in the car before you head off on your holiday, the HandiMoova is an all-terrain trolley that is ideal for transporting luggage and equipment from the car to where you’ll be pitching your tent if you can’t park close enough.

Designed to work perfectly on all terrains, the HandiMoova can carry up to 60kg of your belongings at any one time, meaning you can transport all your things in no time.

Family camping trips are all about creating fond memories, so to ensure you avoid any conflict when it comes to packing the car to head off on your adventures, be sure to follow our handy packing tips!

Need more advice on how any of the HandiWorld products could help you and your family have an easier journey to your camping holiday? Email one of the team using info@handiworld.com for more information on any of our products

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