Creating innovative products that are the solutions to common travel problems is at the core of everything we do here at HandiWorld, so when our customers speak, we listen and that is how our newest product has been created.

We have plenty of customers who are real cycling enthusiasts and when they said to us that they couldn’t find a roof box that would fit alongside their bike on a roof rack, we knew there was room for a newer, smaller version of the original HandiHoldall.

Our new 175-litre HandiHoldall is the smallest version of our soft roof bag yet and has been purposely designed with cyclists in mind. Smaller but just as mighty, this petite version of the HandiHoldall is made from the same 250D polyester tarpaulin outer material with dry bag technology and UV resistance for protection from all weathers.

Suitable for fitting to a pre-fitted bike or sports rack alongside your bike, we truly believe every cyclist needs one of our new HandiHoldalls but if you’re not convinced yet, here are 3 reasons why.

1. All Your Essentials in One Place

If you’re the cyclist who likes to head further afield for your biking adventures, you’re probably going to have a lot of kit in tow and it can be difficult to get that all in the car, especially when there’s no space on the roof next to your bike but with the help of the brand new HandiHoldall, that problem is solved.

The perfect place to store all your essentials while you head to your cycling destinations, you can pack your helmet, cycling clothing and shoes, repair kits, bike accessories and more into one super secure, weather-resistant roof bag and know that everything is easy to find in one convenient place and simply secure it next to your bike on your pre-fitted sports rack.

2. Easy to Access

There’s nothing worse than cramming all your essentials into the boot of the car and then realising you need to access something that is squashed right at the back. When you pack all your biking essentials into the 175-litre HandiHoldall, you can quickly and easily access your belongings whenever you need.

Simply stop the car, quickly detach the HandiHoldall from your sports rack and you can easily get in and pull out whatever it is you need without having to pull everything else out too thanks to the new HandiHoldall having 3 points of access, so you’re guaranteed to be able to quickly get your hands on what you wanted.

3. Convenient to Store When Not in Use

When designing the new HandiHoldall, we haven’t just thought about how it will function out on the road but how it will work when it’s not in use which is why we’ve ensured that as with the 320-litre HandiHoldall, this smaller version is convenient to store when you don’t need it.

Cyclists usually have garages full of bikes and equipment, so you don’t want your space filled up with bulky roof boxes which is why we’ve designed the 175-litre HandiHoldall to fold up to a compact size of just 61cm x 17cm x 17cm in its own storage bag when not in use, a perfect petite size for storing in your boot or garage without taking up too much space from your cycling gear.

We could go on forever with reasons why our brand new HandiHoldall is essential for any cyclist but we think these 3 reasons alone are enough to convince anyone. The brand new 175-litre HandiHoldall will be available exclusively from the HandiWorld website for just £120.00 in early May 2018 and will even come with free UK shipping, so you can put it to use in no time.

If you’ve got any questions about the new member of the HandiWorld family, drop us an email at info@handiworld.com and one of our team will be with you in no time.

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