There are a few essential items you should always have both in the house and in the car and in our opinion, a handpump is one of them.

You never know when something is going to need blowing up either at home or out and about, so ensuring you have a handpump with you at all times will help avoid any chaos or frustration when these scenarios come around.

The HandiPump is a reliable and good quality handpump that although was designed to accompany the HandiRack for inflating both at home and on the go, it could also come in handy for plenty of other situations too.

Beach Toys

Picture this: you’re on the beach with family, you’ve just unpacked all your essentials and are ready to start enjoying the sun when one of your children comes over with a completely deflated water float they want to blow up and take in the sea… sound familiar? We thought so!

Without a HandiPump, you’re going to be spending 10-15 minutes of your relaxing time blowing up the toy manually but thanks to packing the HandiPump in the car, you can have the float blown up in a matter of minutes so you can get back to relaxing.

Paddling Pools

British Summers are known for being hit and miss but as soon as the sun is shining, you can bet that us Brits are already breaking out the paddling pool to enjoy in the garden. The last thing you want to be doing on a hot day is manually blowing up a paddling pool, so having the HandiPump nearby will ensure you can have the paddling pool fully inflated in just minutes, ready to fill up for the summer fun to begin.


Whether you’re on a camping trip out in the open or you’re setting up a temporary sleeping space for guests at home, if you’ve got an airbed to inflate, you do not want to be blowing it up manually. The HandiPump can have an inflatable bed blown up to the perfect density in no time, so you can get on with the rest of your day without worrying about having to keep re-inflating your bed.

Bike Tyres

It’s a known fact that most children love playing on their bikes, so as a parent you don’t want anything to hinder their enjoyment, especially not a deflated tyre. Whether they’re riding around near home or you’ve driven somewhere further afield to head off on your bike ride, having a HandiPump close by will mean that nothing can put a stop to your bike riding fun, not even a flat tyre.


Birthdays are great fun and a room filled with balloons might have sounded like the perfect surprise for a loved one’s special day until it comes to blowing them up. Blowing up countless balloons using your own breath may be possible but it certainly isn’t enjoyable! When you use the HandiPump you can simply inflate as many balloons as you desire in no time at all, so you can have all the fun with none of the hassle or hard work.

Say goodbye to that familiar sinking feeling we’ve all had when we see something needs inflating and we don’t have a pump with us by getting yourself a HandiPump and keeping it close at all times.

You never know where your adventures may take you, so being prepared with a handpump is the best way to ensure nothing is going to hold you back.

Have you found another use for your HandiPump apart from keeping your HandiRack inflated and ready for use? Let us know!

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