Meet the New HandiWorld Products

Meet the New HandiWorld Products

We might be best known for our one of a kind inflatable roof rack but we’re forever expanding our product range here at HandiWorld to introduce new, innovative items that perfectly fit with our brand and we’re going to be introducing you to some of the newest members of the HandiWorld family today.

From inflatable hot tubs to car seat organisers, we’ve entered new territory with some of our latest additions but we’re confident our customers will love them.

400 Litre HandiHoldall

Before we move on to some of our new products that are a little different to our regular items, let’s start with a product that is something we’re very well known for and that’s the HandiHoldall.

Our selection of soft roof boxes has had a bit revamp over the last few months; seeing the introduction of our most compact HandiHoldall yet, the 175-litre version as well as bidding goodbye to our original 320-litre HandiHoldall.

We’ve added the new 330-litre HandiHoldall to the range to replace our standard sized version but we’ve also supersized things to bring you the brand new 400-litre HandiHoldall. Designed with over-packers and big families in mind, this new soft roof box is the highest capacity version we’ve ever launched and we’re proud to say it’s got all the best-loved features of our original roof boxes on an even bigger scale!

A fully waterproof roof bag that can hold up to 50kg worth of cargo, the new 400-litre HandiHoldall takes just 10 minutes to fix to your car, meaning more space doesn’t cause you any inconvenience.

Shop the 400-Litre HandiHoldall – £155.00

INTEX Challenger Inflatable Kayaks

We’ve been providing the kayaking community with innovative, game-changing products for a while now such as the HandiRack and the HandiKart but we’ve decided to go back to basics and provide kayakers with their most important bit of kit and that’s their kayak.

We’ve started stocking two inflatable kayaks from INTEX, the Challenger K1 and the Challenger K2. These high-quality inflatable kayaks are available in one and two person sizes and are designed to see you through all your water sports adventures. Not just great looking kayaks but functional too, these inflatable kayaks are suitable for low profile lakes and mild rivers, so aimed towards the more leisurely kayaker.

Both the K1 and K2 have a weight capacity of 100kg and have a number of additional features such as supportive seats, vinyl floors and inflatable side chambers, making these the ultimate choice for kayaking novices.

Get your INTEX Inflatable Kayaks at HandiWorld – £100 – £135

PureSpa Inflatable Hot Tub                                                                   

Everyone dreams of having a hot tub but for most of us, we do a little research into the price of having one put in the garden and soon realise that it’s not going to work with our budget but thanks to the INTEX PureSpa inflatable hot tubs, you get all the benefits of having your very own home spa without breaking the bank.

Available in a 4 and 6 person size, the INTEX PureSpa Bubbles are made for socialising. The temperature range goes from 20-40 degrees Celsius and both have over 100 heated bubble jets for the ultimate hot tub experience.

These luxurious, high quality home hot tubs are the ultimate garden accessory.

Explore PureSpa here – £575 – £700

Car Travel Accessories by HandiWorld

As well as joining up with some great brands to bring you brand new, innovative products, we’ve also expanded our own brand range to include a selection of car travel and organisation accessories that offer ultimate convenience for affordable prices.

Meet the car seat organiser, car boot organiser and dog seat cover, all from the new HandiWorld Car Travel Accessories range. All made with durable, reliable materials and doing the optimum job possible, whether you want to keep your car clean and tidy or super organised, these products are here to help.

Made with families who travel in mind, all three of these products are road trip essentials, especially if you’ve got children and pets on board.

Shop the new Car Accessories range here – £7.50 – £20

Now you’re up to speed with everything on offer here at HandiWorld, we’d love to hear what your favourites are, so let us know on Twitter or Facebook.

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