5 Hacks for an Easy and Enjoyable Festival Experience

5 Hacks for an Easy and Enjoyable Festival Experience

Festival season is just around the corner now which for some is an exciting prospect but for others, it just means weeks of worrying about what you need, how to pack and transport it all but most of all, how you’re going to survive the potential mud bath you’re going to be camping out in if the British weather decides to do its worst.

We’ve turned our attention towards figuring out the best ways to ensure an easy and enjoyable festival experience, so we’re going to share with you 5 festival hacks that will make your weekend in the outdoors the best it can possibly be!

  1. You Can’t Over Pack

Forget all other clever and innovative festival hacks, the best way to ensure you have an enjoyable festival experience is to quite simply pack more than you think you’ll need. There’s nothing more miserable than sitting in wet, muddy clothes with nothing to change into because you didn’t pack enough, so make sure you’ve got plenty of extra outfits to ensure you never have to spend the day in uncomfortable, dirty clothes.

  1. Transport Your Stuff with a HandiMoova

A product that we think every seasoned festival goer needs to get their hands on is our HandiMoova. An all-terrain trolley that takes muddy fields in its stride, you’ll be able to quickly and easily transport all your bags of stuff from the car park to your tent pitch in no time.

As well as making light work of moving all those extra outfits you’ve now packed, you can minimise the trips you’ll have to make back and forth across a muddy field thanks to the HandiMoova’s 60kg weight limit allowing you to move pretty much everything in one go!

  1. Portable Charger

One of the best ways to capture the memories from a festival is on your phone, so you don’t want that running out of charge which means one of the top festival must-haves is a portable charger.

Not only will you want to be able to get plenty of pictures and videos, festivals are big places and you don’t want to be wandering around without a way of contacting your group because that’s bound to dampen the mood, so be sure you can keep your phone charged up at all times.

It’s also advisable to buy a cheap phone to take to the festival with you to avoid serious upset if your expensive smartphone heads for the mud screen first!

  1. Wet Wipes, Dry Shampoo and Hand Sanitiser

One thing that gets people seriously down towards the end of a festival is the fact that you’re probably dirty, don’t smell great and haven’t showered in a couple of days, so to keep your spirits up and the party going on, pack plenty of essentials to help you keep clean on the go.

We totally agree with Go Outdoors when it comes to what to pack for keeping clean at a festival as they recommend you have wet wipes, hand sanitiser and dry shampoo with you for keeping hygienic and fresh all weekend.

  1. Make Your Tent Visible

If you ask any festival lover what causes the most arguments amongst friends at festivals, they’re likely to say, ‘not being able to find the tent’, so one of our top festival camping tips would be to make sure your tent is really visible.

Whether you pitch up near a landmark of the site, so you always roughly know whereabouts you’re located or you make a flag to help you find your tent from afar, you don’t want to leave being able to find your tent to chance, so make sure you can find your way back, even in the dark of night.

There are so many festival hacks that will help ensure your adventure is a great one but we think these five are real essentials that everyone needs to know.

We’d love to know what your tips for surviving festivals are, so share them with us on Twitter or Facebook!

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