Narrow Roof Box

The HandiHoldall 175 litres is a clever soft narrow roof box. It’s designed for customers that may already have cycle or kayak carriers on the roof of their car and are looking for additional storage space. Alternatively, this soft narrow roof box can be used as a standalone storage solution that can be attached to either traditional metal roof bars or a HandiRack inflatable roof rack.

At just 40cm wide, the HandiHoldall 175 litres is perfect for road trips where space is at a premium. Also being waterproof provides motorists with reassurance that their gear will be dry once they reach their destination.

There are other narrow roof boxes available, but none that can fold down to a compact storage size of just 59cm x 17cm x 13cm. This makes the HandiHoldall 175 litres incredibly convenient to use and can be stored in the boot of the car or in a cupboard. Glass fibres poles are secured in this flexible narrow roof box to ensure that once positioned on roof bars or a HandiRack, the bottom of the bag has good rigidity. So now customers do not have to make hard choices about what to take on their road trips and what to leave behind.

  • HandiHoldall 175 Litres + HandiDuffel 95 Litres

  • HandiHoldall 175 Litres Waterproof Soft Roof Box